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Epitaph – Claws Review

Do you like Black Sabbath’s riffs? Of course you do. Stupid question. Why the hell would you be here if you didn’t like Sabbath’s riffs? Did you like when Dio was singing for Sabbath? Again,

Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind Review

One of the drawbacks of being a venerated institution in extreme music is that you can never just quite write a damn album and leave it at that, y’know? Find some riffs hanging around, kick

Converge – Axe To Fall Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. If any one band can justifiably be deemed the ‘leader’ of international metalcore, that band is Converge. On the verge of their third decade of existence, these Masshole madmen have played

Converge – You Fail Me Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Before my various writing gigs, for many years I sat as a neutral observer to the metal scene, and to me, within the vast annals of the more extreme side