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Best Of 2018 – Andrew Edmunds: Clever Title?! I Barely KNOW Her Title!

2018 was a very strange year for me. I started the year with an intracranial hemorrhage (I’m fully recovered now, thanks) and ended the year with a marriage (she may never fully recover, thanks). Through

Ghost – Prequelle Review

At heart, rock ‘n’ roll has always been theater.  It’s performance, on-stage and under the lights; it’s exorcism and exhibition, a transference of raw emotion from performer to audience through words and action. It’s why

Devin Townsend Project – Ghost Review

Jordan Campbell’s take: As we reach the final entry in the Devin Townsend Project series, it’s become clear that Devin’s entire work can be broken down into (roughly) four categories: unhinged metal, song-based heavy-pop, sprawling

Ghost – Opus Eponymous Review

Positive press as far as the eye can see; spots secured on multiple “top of the year” lists across the land; and an absurd level of hoopla that could lead one to believe that just