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Radiant Knife – The Body + The Ghost Review

[Cover art by Terry Grow] If I told you there’s a sludge band from Louisiana that you need to check out, you would probably assume they sound like Eyehategod, Crowbar, or perhaps Soilent Green. But

The Grunge That Stole Hairmass

GRUNGE It was both what and not what you think. It came on the heels of the thrash explosion, and it signed the death warrant for LA glam “metal.” It was a few great nobodies

Les Underdogs De Grunge

Decades on from its heyday, grunge still evokes cringe-worthy memories. Even a whiff of the genre makes some people gag, and that’s understandable given that many of grunge’s lumberjack balladeers feigned their tortured genius in

Remembering Chris Cornell – RIP 1964-2017

The greatest rock singer of all time. This is how I have often described Chris Cornell. Not that it is possible to prove such a thing, or that definitive rankings of rock voices matter, but

Memory Driven – Animus Review

Originally written by Rae Amitay There’s definitely a tried-and-true formula to melancholic metal, but Oklahoma’s Memory Driven manages to breathe new life into exhausted melodic concepts. Their last release, Relative Obscurity, was an impressive and

Clouds – Legendary Demo Review

Some folks may show interest in this record based purely on the fact that it’s the latest project from one-time Cave In laborer, Adam McGrath. Such was not the case for me, however. I chose

Jerry Cantrell – Degradation Trip Review

Originally written by Russ Wallin. Although I wouldn’t exactly categorize this album as metal, most metal fans are familiar with Alice In Chains and Jerry Cantrell. Alice In Chains can be found in most metal