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Horseback – Dead Ringers Review

The last full-length outing by North Carolina musician Jenks Miller under the Horseback name was 2012’s Half Blood, a mostly enjoyable blend of black metal and roots music with doom and drone elements thrown in for good measure.

Inter Arma – Paradise Gallows Review

As a full-time industry scientist and part-time music critic, a review of Inter Arma’s Paradise Gallows proved to be rife with challenge. Given that their particular interpretation of the art form involves so many variables and moving parts,

Cough – Still They Pray Review

Sludge is, to me, a strange beast. When I hear it, I immediately fall in love. An ocean of distortion; tectonic pacing; so many places to do the single neck-shattering head bang – I should

Gruesome – Dimensions Of Horror Review

If nothing else, the Dimensions of Horror EP, the latest release from the Matt Harvey-led semi-super group/Death tribute act Gruesome, proves that Savage Land was not a one-off affair. Is Gruesome going to be a

Gadget – The Great Destroyer Review

It took ten years, but here it is, the next Gadget album, only their third in almost two decades. And it’s not terribly different than the previous two, which, of course, is hardly a bad


Tombs – All Empires Fall Review

Brooklyn based experimentalists Tombs have been climbing their mountain of success for nine years. In that time, they have yet to find the proper footing as a foundation for their ascent. Across three full-lengths, a

Graves At Sea – The Curse That Is Review

Graves at Sea is the kind of band that’s tailor-made for heavy metal hype: The Curse That Is represents their first full-length after being together for fourteen years; what the band’s managed to produce –

Black Tusk – Pillars Of Ash Review

Sludge, especially southern sludge, is in a strange place right now. Since 2010, the current standard bearers of the region (Baroness, Kylesa, Mastodon) have eschewed traditional sludge sounds and lyrical themes in favor of exploring more progressive