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Fast Rites – Volume 7: The One (Mad)Man Binge and Purge

There were a number of albums that came across my desk as I pondered what I would follow up my review of Prong’s latest with. Some garnered more interest than others; some were destined to

Kill Devil Hill – Kill Devil Hill Review

Rex Brown and Vinnie Appice have both spent most of their lengthy careers in the shadows of larger than life figures. Phil Anselmo and Dimebag Darrell were always the focal points in Pantera, and Vinnie

Pagan’s Mind – Heavenly Ecstasy Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Most who heard Pagan’s Mind’s previous album, God’s Equation, know that Heavenly Ecstasy is a crucial outing in determining this band’s enduring vitality. After a string of three incredible albums,

Sodom – In War And Pieces Review

Every once in a while, it’s quite nice not to have to come up with some clever introductory sentence that tells the readers some brief, useless tidbits about a band they might have never heard

Angra – Aqua Review

I’ve always been supremely weirded out by those folks in church that sing their songs with fervent clenched-eyelid passion, hands raised to the heavens and slowly swaying. I’ve simply never been willing to drink enough

Ripper Owens – Play My Game Review

I like Ripper Owens, and I do so despite that I, like everyone else, was introduced to him when he emerged from obscurity to sing on the two worst Judas Priest records. I don’t know

Evergrey – Torn Review

Originally written by Sasha Horn Evergrey: When they don’t sound like a Foreigner for the jet set, they make like a Nevermore trying to get into your pants, and god bless ’em for the perversion.

Metal Church – This Present Wasteland Review

Twenty-five years after their inception, Metal Church continues to release solid records. After a dry spell in the 90s and a promising reformation in the new millennium, returning original vocalist David Wayne departed again (and