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Riffology: Therion’s “The Way”

These days, Therion is best known for some nearly-unclassifiable form of progressive, symphonic, operatic metal. If you’d like to know more about it, our own Mr. Duvall has review of one of the band’s beloved

Therion’s Theli Turns 20 – Celebrate The Beautiful Absurdity

Before we dive fully into celebrating Therion’s 1996 album Theli, a couple of disclaimers: First, I have not been listening to this album for 20 years, so I’m not going to sit here and claim

Therion – Gothic Kabbalah Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Though I’m far from a Therion fan, I yet again find myself signed up to review yet another two disc offering from Christofer Johnsson and the overblown musical manifestations of his ego. And

Therion – Lemuria/Sirius B Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Therion have always been ambitious and now with the 2 album release (the albums are not available separately) of Lemuria/Sirius B, Christofer Johnsson and Co. have outdone themselves. That’s not