It Dies Today – The Caitiff Choir Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett

After label searching for what I have heard was upwards of a year (maybe more), It Dies Today found a suitable home with Trustkill and I have to say I think it will work perfectly for both parties. After releasing Forever Scorned on Life Sentence the band toured relentlessly. Quite a few people went nuts over the EP (most of them screaming sellout now) but I have to say it was decent at best. It was nothing original and the songwriting seemed to fall far short of what this band was capable of. You could hear that there was a solid foundation for a band there, but something just wasn’t right. Well, after hearing The Caitiff Choir, I have to say this band is on the right track. Sure they still may not be original, but who the hell cares, they’ve written a damn fine album here.

The album starts out by bulldozing your face with a crushing breakdown and doesn’t let up. Not only can they write technical and menacing breakdowns that would make most tough-guy metalcore bands envious, but they can write some of the most infectious melodies I’ve heard this year, even giving Atreyu a run for their money. Catchy vocals and catchy melodic guitars create the one-two punch for this album. What’s nice, is you get a variety with the album and over-all it meshes pretty well together. Songs like “My Promise” and “The Depravity Waltz” lay the melodies down for a moment and proceed to smash your face in with bricks, while songs like “The Radiance” and “Marigold” hardly contain any screaming, and yet still there’s songs like “Freak Gasoline Fight Accident” (my personal favorite) that’s all out metalcore. Nick Brooks has upped his vocal performance stronger, making his cleans better, but keeping his screams as brutal as ever. All the while the guitar work feels tighter in the hands of Mike Hatalack and Chris Capelli, not to mention Nick Mirusso’s performance feels much stronger on this album than the previous EP.

Sure the album can be a bit cheesy at times, but you know what, I could care less. The songwriting that It Dies Today displays is well thought out and played to perfection. Showcasing what I knew this band was always capable of, I’m sure they have a good career ahead of them. If you’re at all into bands like Atreyu, Bleeding Through, or Killswitch Engage then it’s pretty much mandatory that you own this album. The Caitiff Choir has been stuck in my head and as well as being in steady rotation for some time now and I don’t expect it to leave anytime soon.

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