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Originally written by Erik Thomas

It just feels weird to say Blood Duster on “Season of Mist” records, but anyhow here it is and as most Blood Duster fans probably predicted, this is a far cry from their Yeest and Fisting the Dead days, as it continues the groovy, grind ‘n’ roll pace found on Cunt, perhaps even more so. That being said, all prior expectations and reputations aside, Blood Duster is essentially a commercial grind album at least musically, as their Motorhead cum AC/DC (former AC/DC singer Dave Evans even makes an appearance in “Sellout”) meets grindcore take is catchy, funky and truthfully only grindcore by virtue of the inclusion of piece meal repetitive blast beats. Much of the album is mid-paced, mild mannered and foot tappingly memorable. Of course, there’s still the porno obsessed, tongue in cheek, sample laden, irreverent song titles and lyrics that keep this moderately “extreme”, but truthfully Blood Duster aren’t even close to the same band that squeezed out Yeest from their Fosters drenched bowels a few years ago. To some that’s a bad thing, but to others it’s a welcome break from the expected redundancy of mindless grindcore.

The humorous song titles are still a staple of Blood Duster’s sound, and is toned down musically: “ForThoseAboutToFuck”, “IWannaDoItWithADonna”, “Achin’ForAn’A’Cup” and “DrinkFightFuck” are only a few of the gems, with the latter being a gaudily catchy ‘shout along’ anthem directed at the Straight Edge scene.

With the bell toll introducing “ForThoseAboutToFuck”, you immediately get a sense of what the album wants to be even with the following grind of “Idi”, it seems only like a brief allusion to their past as “SixSixSixteen” (a single with a forthcoming video) delivers a prime example of Blood Duster’s chosen direction. Even the album’s short bursts of grind tracks like “CockJunkie”, “Fruity Relationships”, “Sk8tergrrl”, “VeganFeast” and “OntheStage” simply seem tacked on to try and deliver some semblance of their more brutal past, but come across as empty afterthoughts when it’s obvious Blood Duster really don’t want to be a true grindcore band anymore. However, considering the utter worthlessness of most grind, it’s understandable that Blood Duster have chosen to distance themselves from the scene and instead strive more and more unique and truthfully enjoyable visage that still contains their trademark humor.

About a third of the tracks are the more accessible, catchy punk groovers that are honest while no doubt displeasing to Blood Duster’s original fan base, are far more enjoyable. You just can’t go into this album expecting St8ght Outta Northcote, as it’s even more controlled than Cunt. “Sellout”, “Drug Fiend”, “BadHabits”, “DrinkFightFuck”, “ShesAJunkie” (including piano), “LETSFUCK”, and others all deliver sexy, rockin’ riffs that will make die hard grind freaks moan with disappointment, but show Blood Duster’s crafty melding of subversive commercial viability into their sound.

Regardless, the 26 tracks are still Blood Duster, no matter if grinding or grooving, and while die hard grindcore fans probably lost interest after Cunt and will find no solace in the polished guitars and abundance of bluesy grooves contained here, metalheads looking for a genuinely fun and genre ignoring slice of hippie-killing, bong-sucking, porno groove-metal will love this.


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