Krisiun – Bloodshed Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance

A band like Krisiun is a wet dream for the romantic death metal fan. While clearly talented, and at times ambitious, this Brazilian threesome has always been the working man’s death metal act, a kind of group you can rest your hat on. Their persistence during the not-so-fat times of the mid to late 90s death metal scene speaks volumes about their passion, and hints at the fact that maybe some bands really are just in it for the love of ‘ole Lucifer. Bloodshed is their latest release, and just as every Krisiun release has been, and probably ever will be, this is a work designed solely for Krisiun fans. Comprising eight new tracks and the four track Unmerciful Order EP, the fare on display here will fit for fans of this band like a well worn Morbid Angel hoodie.

With their distinctive thundering intros and manic up again down again, pinch-harmonic laden riff work set against the amphetamine inspired drumming of Max Kolense, the appeal of Krisiun lays not in their occasional brushes with technical brilliance, but just how nasty it all sounds. The new songs sport a raw but approachable mix. The maddening riff work on songs like “Hateful Nature” and “Slain Fate” are not obscured from the listener. Instead of having the detached, almost clinical aesthetic of your average Unique Leader act, Krisiun’s gruff exterior renders their attack more venomous, and frankly much more death metal in spirit. Perhaps the most pleasant surprise on this album, and indeed the only surprise, is the the short instrumental, “Voodoo.” Probably the slowest thing this band has ever done, this track brings back memories of Sepultura’s “Kaiowas” with its tribal drumming and rhythmic chord strumming.

The Unmerciful Order stuff is for the die hards only. Produced at nearly demo quality, the songs are raw, but still slightly representative of the band’s potential. Most others will probably be rather bored by these tracks, and rightly so. The band clearly had a few ideas, but they still weren’t very good at this point.

And thus another year, another Krisiun album. For those who love this band, there’s plenty more to love. The brothers Kolense are still struggling desperately to satiate their never ending need for speed, and making some pretty scathing death metal in the process. Death metal fans – yes. Everyone else – no way.

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