Catheter – Dimension 303 Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan.

Out of the records unleashed by Selfmadegod as of late, Dimension 303 is my favorite. While I do have good things to say about Third Degree, Wojczech, and Antigama, Catheter upstage their fellow grind combatants. For starters, these guys have been veterans of the scene since 1997, and have produced seven splits, a compilation, an EP, and a full-length. Now I am cognizant of the fact that a large back catalog isn’t necessarily indicative of quality, but the Coloradans are definitely on to something here.

Like a sludgy version of Napalm Death with sprinkles of Nasum scattered atop, Catheter aren’t exactly recasting the mold, nor are they injecting anything but enthusiasm into this particular style. Though the innovation doesn’t merit lauding, just about everything else does. This is grindcore as it should be: quick, punishing, and short without sacrificing overall length. There are eighteen songs on Dimension 303, which clocks in at roughly thirty-five minutes, and that fact alone surprised me.

Whereas Wojczech’s Sedimente and Antigama’s Zeroland are content to spurt for twenty-five minutes and fifteen minutes, respectively, the amount of material on this disc actually constitutes full-length classification. The aforementioned are described as LPs too, but I’m not quite sold on that claim. At any rate, nearly all of the tunes found on this group’s sophomore outing are worth sampling, especially if you’re looking for a punch in the face that leaves a layer of grime. Of course it wouldn’t be grind without choice soundclips, and “Executioner,” “Miserable Existence,” and “Loser Punx” fill that requirement.

The recent pack from Selfmadegod Records illustrates that grindcore doesn’t have to undergo an overhaul to be appealing and satisfying. That is, the bands on Selfmadegod are not reinventing the subgenre, but perhaps most importantly, their releases do test positive for competence and vivacity. Although the latest from Third Degree, Wojczech, and Antigama are each individually noteworthy for one or more reasons, I must endorse Catheter above all. Dimension 303 is – in plain language – an enjoyable piece of work that lasts for an acceptable chunk of time.

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