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Unborn Suffer – Commit(ment To) Suicide Review

Unborn Suffer have 25* songs for you. You need only set aside 33 minutes to experience those songs. There are samples, and popcorn drums, and vocals from the bottom of the gutter. If you guessed

Skullsmasher – Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery Review

[Cover art by Lucas Korte] Grind persists. Last year was one of my favorite grind years, giving us the devastating full length by Axis of Despair, a new Cripple Bastards, Terrorizer and Needful Things, and

Hypoxia – Abhorrent Disease Review

Look, Jack, I love forward-thinking freakjazz just the same as you. My loins glisten just the same as yours at the dulcet tones of avant-garde doomfolk. Ambient ethno-funeral grind floods my dopamine receptors just as

Antigama – Depressant Review

Man, that cover is golden… The red pill there… with the hook… for all the fools who fall for that… But that’s outside the scope of my review, and possibly outside the meaning of the

Dephosphorus – Impossible Orbits Review

Originally written by Chris Redar Greece’s Dephosporus have the kind of name that drives a word processor’s autocorrect absolutely bonkers. Also, their drummer has been in every single band ever formed in Europe. We reviewed

Nuclear Holocaust – Overkill Commando Review

Overkill Commando is the debut full-length from this pack of Polish punk-grinders, after a 2014 demo and last year’s four-way split with Hell United, Cemetery Whore, and the wonderfully named Necrosodomistical Slaughter. In both instances,

Norylsk – Catholic Dictatorship Review

Norylsk (or “Norilsk”), the city, is Russian – a Siberian mining and industrial town notable for being both the former center of the Norillag cluster of GULAG labor camps and one of the top-ten most

Antigama – The Insolent Review

Originally written by Chris Redar Didn’t Antigama just drop a phenomenal album a short while ago? ‘Heads should still be whiplashing their necks to 2013’s Meteor, which still feels as fresh and vital as the