Suicide Silence – The Cleansing Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas.


As kids playing brutal deathcore rises to a saturated reeeee-filled crescendo, at least bands like Suicide Silence are doing it well enough to be respectably heavy and not inject childish immaturity or forced gimmicks into the mix.


As if to answer Candlelight’s recent onslaught of Diskreet, Whitechapel, Rose Funeral and Knights of the Abyss (and soon, Annotations of an Autopsy), Century Media went out and found California’s Suicide Silence (and unfortunately,  Arsonists Get All the Girls) but at least Suicide Silence have no gimmicks or quirk, just pure ball squishing heft, growls, squeals and breakdowns.

Make no mistake, this is pure upper tier deathcore at its purest form, nothing more nothing less, so if you are sick of the whole scream, groove, growl mantra, don’t even bother with this. But if like me, you enjoy the music of these sorts of pseudo death metal bands and if a jolly old breakdown in every song is a pleasing element in your metal, then be sure to grab The Cleansing.

There’s not much to expand on, really. It’s densely produced, has oodles of pinch harmonic faux grind chaos mingled with high doses of loudly telegraphed and exaggerated breakdowns. And of course Mitch Lucker has the requisite deep growl and high pitched scream down pat. There’s not an original note on this album, and it never veers into All Shall Perish levels of melody and tightness, but it does rank as just as pummeling and hefty, and seriously subject based as both Rose Funeral and Whitechapel (no quirky or humorous song titles here). In fact, play the Whitechapel, Rose Funeral, Knights of the Abyss and Suicide Silence albums together on random, and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. Tracks like “Unanswered”, “The Price of Beauty”, “The Fallen”, “The Disease,” the aptly titled “Bludgeoned to Death” and the particularly hefty “No Pity for a Coward” all deliver a simple, predictable formula of crushing grooves breaking up generally forgetful blastbeats.

Much like every band mentioned above, Suicide Silence is directed at a pretty specific target audience, namely Hot Topic core kids that want to claim to be death metal fans or folks like me that just this love style of music for what is superficially is: breakdowns dressed up as grindcore/deathmetal (but I’ll admit I can’t stand the fans), and don’t care if originality and creativity is left in the swathe of heaviness and bass drops.

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