Impious – Death Domination Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell

Well, these speedballin’ Swedes certainly have a knack for churning out terrible album covers. The generic, MMA Bro t-shirt that Death Domination wears is only slightly tackier than the Edward Syringehands dude that rocked the front cover of 2004’s Hellucinate. Questionable artistic taste isn’t the only thing that has remained the same; Impious are still kickin’ out faceless death-thrash jams like a second-rate version of The Crown.

The title Death Domination may refer to Impious‘ now-heavy lean towards the DM aspect of their sound, but it’s just as likely to be a random combination of metal-oriented words…just as these songs are a seemingly random collection of pedal-to-the-floor bangers. As ferocious as they are formulaic, Impious rarely swerve out of their 400 mph comfort zone, content to rip and snarl their way through Possessed 13 throwaways like “The Demand” and “And The Empire Shall Fall” with little regard for memorability. Quality riffs are in short supply. Guitarists Valle Daniel Adžic and Robin Sörqvist don’t seem to care, however, and they attempt to gloss this over with intensity and tenacity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work. The few ear-perking moments on Death Domination come courtesy of drummer Mikael Norén, who can certainly get the juices flowing when he isn’t blasting everything into oblivion. “Hate Killing Project” and “As Death Lives In Me” are standouts of his creation, and not of his six-stringed counterparts.

Still, the positive impressions are few and far between, mired in sameness and static. Bottom line: this type of thing has been done a billion times in the past ten years, and it’s been done better, even by Impious themselves. (Case in point: The one time I actually perked up and checked my iPod after a holy-shit-this-rules moment, it was during “Needles Nervosa” fromHellucinate. Whoops.) Death Domination is as inoffensive as it is unexciting. It fails to stand out in an over-saturated, over-processed, overly-derivative field. If you’re in dire need of a standardized, cold-pressed, European deathrash album, look to Hatesphere‘s latest before lowering your standards for Domination.

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