Cavurn – Rehersal Demo Review

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It’s not often a rehearsal demo receives much light outside of the darker corners of the metal underground. However, Washington’s death/doom act Cavurn have been creating quite a buzz with their 2017 rehearsal tape that finally received a proper label release this past May courtesy of Blood Harvest. Cavurn is exactly what one would expect from the name: cavernous death metal that is absolutely drowning in a sea of reverb. Essentially, it sounds like Cavurn hold their practices in a giant open sewer (or, you know, a cavern). When the very first notes come through the speakers it awakens a subterranean creature that lurks amongst an ancient aquifer. Tension builds and releases across the demo’s 20-minute length as the beast strikes and recoils, pulling its victims down into heavy, doom-laden passages, deeper beneath the surface and further from the hope of escape.

It is interesting to note how one track leads right into the next, as though the entire demo was recorded in one take. This could very well be the case, and if so it demonstrates superb playing on the part of the band. They have obviously taken the time to hone their songs into a continuous body of work that is well-paced and well-written, easily capturing the imagination of their listeners and pulling them into the dark, damp, hollow world of Cavurn. With plenty of both death and doom riffing, in addition to the excellent creation of atmosphere, it is no wonder the band has managed to draw such an interested audience on the back of a mere rehearsal demo and keep them craving more from the promising up-and-comers.


Release date: June 1, 2018. Label: Blood Harvest.

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