Invincible Force – Decomposed Sacramentum Review

Invincible Force worships in a chapel of ghouls, is ready to bleed for the devil, and has conjured a sophomore album that offers up a blistering maze of riffs to torment the demented ears of willing listeners the world over. Let’s dispel with the subtleties, shall we? This Chilean four-piece truly LOVES Morbid Angel’s 1989 debut Altars of Madness.

Release date: October 22, 2020. Label: Dark Descent Records.
Much like their Floridian forefathers, Invincible Force’s visions from the dark side have taken form as brief, fiery songs that blend thrash and death metals with a tinge of early black. The riffs on Decomposed Sacramentum shift the angularity of Morbid Angel’s early works down a notch or two but ramp up the thrash attack ever so slightly, while allowing more tremolo shading to provide the creeping darkness that helps these nine spells remain truly evil.

Opener “Doomed By The Vision” starts with 30 seconds or so of wailing echoes from the abyss before unleashing about 10 different wild riffs and a lead that could only be described as auditory blasphemy. “Perpetual Black Mass” and “The Covenant” each throw in a riff that would surely leave you butchered at birth if you heard it in utero. “Abufihamat” is two minutes and 23 seconds of pure thrash death fury featuring a whirling buzz saw of a riff that will have you doing your best Corpsegrinder windmill impression. The title track closes the album in brilliant fashion by opening with tom fills and deftly balancing mid-tempo chugs with speed riffs so sharp they could slice through concrete.

Drummer Cristobal does an excellent job throughout the album knowing when to pull back, add flourishing fills, leave the listener in a state of suffocation from relentless blasts, and even throw in a couple D-beats here and there. As Satan mandated in the birthing cesspool years of death metal, Cristián “Pasa” Contreras pulls double duty as bassist and vocalist barking out curses of damnation in a drier tone.

Guitarists Dead Goat and Enzodomizer (you know that just made you want to click play even more) are both the greatest strength of the band and their one ever-so-slight weakness. They’ve been read their immortal rites and are creating a wealth of hell-blessed riffs that will leave you with no choice but to bang your head. Where they perhaps need just a bit of work is in the lead department. Part of what sparked Morbid Angel forever in the ears of death heads the world over was Trey Azagthoth’s lava-spewing lead work. A handful of the songs on Decomposed Sacramentum feature some fiery solos, but they are extremely brief and don’t get a chance to develop as far as they could go. If they can figure that one out, Invincible Force’s formulas will truly be fatal to the flesh.

Will this album help Invincible Force transcend their peers and turn them into the lords of all fevers and plague? Probably not. Is it a blistering good time packed into a very digestible 27-minute package? You bet!

Despite having been a band for 13 years, Invincible Force’s music offers up a youthful exuberance reminiscent of the Brazilian thrash scene in the 80s, but with a more modern production. This album would absolutely have been the soundtrack to a basement party full of thrash kids in denim jackets crushing cheap beer as their white high-tops became a blur of circle pits. Plus, there’s just enough of a black metal influence, so there might even be a couple kids in capes sitting in the corner nodding a begrudging approval while they sipped their cran-grape blood from a goblet.

But it’s 2020, so you won’t be attending any thrash bash basement shindigs anytime soon. Instead, Decomposed Sacramentum will give you the shot in the arm you need to not fall asleep during that last half hour of work you have to do from your couch. It will be the perfect energetic soundtrack you’ll need to finally convince yourself to take that run you’ve been putting off all week. This is the album you’ll put on when you and your spouse are ready to wave your freak flags after six months of the same slow hookup to Barry White that’s been happening once every other week and on special occasions.

Most of all, Invincible Force know what they like and who they are, so they deliver exactly what they promised.

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