Blast Rites: Hulla – The Recovery Review

Finally, someone uses another part of that Oppenheimer quote…

Release date: May 22, 2022 Label: GorySound.
We’ve heard that whole Baghavad Gita bit a hundred times – “Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds” – but honestly, I don’t know that I’ve run across this earlier part of the sound sample anywhere else, and it’s incredibly effective as an opener, even without the more famous second section.

But this isn’t a review of the opening sample, so let’s get started with some backstory and get on with the grind:

Hulla hails from Ukraine, and you may be aware of this, but things over there aren’t exactly rainbows and roses these days. Hulla’s formation predates this recent madness by a year or so, and the band’s stated purpose is “to spread the sickest goregrind over the world.” The Recovery is their second release, a year removed from 2021’s Supermassive Black Wound. I don’t know much else about them beyond that – I’ll admit that this is a Bandcamp find, but it’s a damned fine find, and so here we are…

After that Oppenheimer quote that I made so much Hulla-baloo about, “The Unthinkable Happened” drops in with a killer killer grind, just a quick cyclical riff that burrows its way straight into the brain. The vocals are low and vomitous; the guitars are churning; the drums are live, with a slightly wooden and tightly tuned snare cutting through the mix, but not so much that any of it truly detracts from the overall pounding happening all around. “…In XXI Century” opens with a short higher scream, and then those gut-roiling guitars. By the time the song kicks up to a higher gear around the 1:10 mark, it’s almost over, fading into machine noises and industrialized sounds. “The Recovery” closes everything out, pounding drums and swirling riff, gurgled vocals and a quick Slayer-y guitar solo, over before you know it.

The Recovery is brief – four songs in five minutes – but it’s a hugely promising second step for a young band. Compared to Supermassive Black Wound, this new Hulla feels less gore, more straight-ahead grind, with dashes of the gurgly to hark backwards to those more bloodsoaked beginnings. Still, regardless of sub-sub-genre hair-splitting, The Recovery is one (ahem) Hulla-va grinding good time.

Grind is love; grind is peace. Support Ukraine, however you can.

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