Blast Rites: Septic Vomet – Infected Cadaveric Slaves Review

The film sample is a tradition in goregrind, but very rarely has any been used as awesomely as on the opening to Septic Vomet’s Infected Cadaveric Slaves. Taken from the 2013 Evil Dead remake – and taking up the entirety of the conveniently titled track “Intro Sample” before resolving across the crushing beginning of “Necrotic Social Structures” – this one is just… *closes eyes, make’s chef’s kiss sign* goregrind perfection.

Release date: October 14, 2022. Label: MSSC (cassette) / Bandcamp.
The subtle keys that underpin the opening riffs adds to the overall vibe, lending “Necrotic Social Structures” a certain atmosphere rarely achieved in the world of blastbeast ‘n’ blood. Moshfred’s guitars are raw, distorted, like the strings are high-tension cables; the drums are relentless, pounding, with an electric energy; handled by Moshfred and Seb, the vocals run between a higher scream and a watery, oozing gurgle. Again with the chef’s kiss here, kids… High fives, all the way around.

From that first one-two punch, Infected Cadaveric Slaves is a short but stellar, slash-and-burn burst of raw grinding, a marked improvement over last year’s Constant Fear And Phobia, which was no slouch in its own right. Whereas that one proudly proclaimed that the band spent “not too much thought” in its construction and composition, Infected Cadaveric Slaves makes no such assertions – though the earlier one may still apply – and whether Septic Vomet tried or not, they leveled up.

The slimy grimy stomp of “Maggots In Your Mouth” warrants another chef’s kiss, as does the vicious churn of “Deformity And Decay,” with that middle section roiling breakdown that rolls straight into a blasting wrap-up and into another great film sample, this time from the underrated film The Others. “To See And Not To Feel” rides its spiraling, skronking riffing into a closing sample from the all-time great, Carpenter’s The Thing. Credit where it’s due: Septic Vomet has culled a killer batch of film samples for the Halloween season.

Born of scene veterans from Mindflair, Negativ Null, Constant Vulse, and others, Septic Vomet came about last year, and they’ve released two strong collections so far in less than twelve months. If gurgle-gore gets your juices flowing, then go cram these eight minutes of oozing goo in your rotten earholes and enjoy every single second.

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