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Riffs or GTFO.

Riffology 108 – The Well Of Souls

In today’s lesson, we will examine a couple of riffs from the Candlemass song “The Well of Souls,” from their second album, Nightfall. This album featured the debut of the band’s “classic” line-up. Founding members, bassist Leif Edling

Nocturnal Torment – They Come At Night Review

Nocturnal Torment is another death metal band out to prove that old-school is the only school, with its debut, They Come at Night. While my ears are admittedly growing weary of the endless stream of

Riffology 107 – The Face Of Oblivion

In celebration of the release of De Vermis Mysteriis, we will be analyzing a High On Fire riff in this week’s lesson. And in keeping with our last lesson’s theme of majestic riffs that emerge

3 Inches Of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal Review

For years now I have ignored 3 inches of Blood because I thought the band was a joke… and it had a hardcore singer. Quite how I formulated the impression that the band was a joke,

Riffology 106 – Paragon Belial

Our sixth lesson features a band that should need no introduction: Darkthrone. The riff we will examine is the outro to “Paragon Belial,” the third track from the band’s first black metal album, and second

Temple – Structures in Chaos Review

Structures in Chaos is the debut album from Dutch death metal trio Temple. The members of Temple have each served in a host of Dutch death metal bands, including Sinister, Severe Torture and Prostitute Disfigurement.

Riffology 105 – The Riddle Master

Our riff for today’s lesson comes from one the finest traditional metal bands to every come out of the U.S., and almost certainly the best thing to ever come out of Kansas: Manilla Road. Manilla Road took

Riffology 104 – Evercursed

The riff for today’s lesson comes courtesy of Finnish death metal group Adramelech. Adramelech was perhaps most famous (to use the term loosely) for having several former members of Demigod at various points in its line-up.