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Sophicide – Perdition Of The Sublime Review

Perdition of the Sublime is the debut album from Germany’s Sophicide. Sophicide is a technical death metal band originally formed as a one-man project by Adam Laszlow (though now it’s a duo, after the addition of

Grave – Endless Procession Of Souls Reveiw

Entombed is AWOL, and Dismember is kaput, but Grave just keeps on trucking. The band was never quite as popular as its fellow Stockholm sound pioneers, but it has certainly been the most consistent of

Coven – Worship New Gods Review

As metal fans, I think we are all, to some extent, treasure hunters; we love to discover new music. After all, finding new metal to listen to is most likely the reason you come to

Riffology 112 – Kreative Evolution: Part III

Welcome to the third installment of Kreative Evolution, our riffological examination of the Kreator catalogue. If you have been following the series, I am sure you have caught the pattern, and it should come as

Offending – Age of Perversion Review

French death metal act Offending has returned with its sophomore set Age of Perversion, and there are changes afoot. The band’s debut Human Concept was a vicious but musical platter of death metal. This time

Riffology 112 – Kreative Evolution: Part II

Welcome to part two of Riffology’s Kreative Evolution mini-series, wherein we will examine riffs from the Kreator catalogue on an album by album basis. 1986 was the pinnacle year for thrash. The year birthed two undisputed

Riffology 112 – Kreative Evolution: Part I

For the next several installments of Riffology, we will break from format (somewhat) by adding a little history to our lessons. We shall embark on a riff odyssey through the catalog of German thrash kings,

Chaos Inception – The Abrogation Review

According to the promo sheet that accompanied the digital copy of Chaos Inception’s second album, The Abrogation, the Alabama quartet is “dedicated to the destruction of the current death metal paradigm and a return to