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Entrenched – Preemptive Strike Review

s debut album, Preemptive Strike, New Jersey duo Entrenched joins great acts such as Bolt Thrower, Jungle Rot and Hail of Bullets in the ranks of war-obsessed death metal bands. Whether Entrenched will ever achieve

Miasmal – Miasmal Review

I must admit that my heart skipped a beat when I saw Miasmal’s debut in our review queue here at MetalReview. However, my excitement was not due to a positive previous encounter with Miasmal’s music.

Destroyer 666 – To The Devil His Due Review

Over the course of its seventeen-year career, Deströyer 666 has managed to release a mere four full-length albums. However, the band has released EPs with somewhat more regularity. Unfortunately, the bulk of these recordings were issued

Assaulter – Boundless Review

I was quite taken with Assaulter’s debut, Salvation Like Destruction. The band’s gritty black/thrash provided a more-than-adequate stop-gap while I anxiously awaited the next release by Assaulter’s countrymen Destroyer 666. Thus, when Metal Blade made

Brutally Deceased – Dead Lovers’ Guide Review

Brutally Deceased takes its name from a Grave song, and that is not the only thing the band takes from Grave and its Stockholm death metal compatriots. Never mind that Brutally Deceased hails from the

Noctum – The Seance Review

Remember Witchcraft? That band was all the rage in the middle of the last decade, and I thought Witchcraft’s retro-doom/rock was some pretty hot shit, myself. Sadly, nary a peep has been heard from Witchcraft

Question Of Madness – The Dark Corners Of The Mind Review

Question of Madness is the brainchild of former The Chasm bassist Alfonso Polo. The band’s ties to The Chasm run deep:  Question of Madness’s debut The Dark Corners of the Mind was released on Chasm mainman

Solace Of Requiem – The Great Awakening Review

Despite a moniker tailor-made for doom metal, the Virginia-based trio known as Solace of Requiem, in fact, plays death metal.  The band’s third album, The Great Awakening was actually recorded in 2008, but the act,