Tristania – Ashes Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. When the multifaceted Morten Veland resigned his position as chief composer in the widely acclaimed Norwegian goth outfit Tristania to focus all of his energy into his new brainchild Sirenia, the remaining members

Rammstein – Reise, Reise Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. Rammstein is definitely a band that isn’t for everyone. Aside from the fact that they sing in German, they also received a small amount of MTV fame with the song “Du

Månegarm – Vargaresa: The Beginning Review

Originally written by Jason Lawrence To those of you not all too familiar with the Black Metal subgenre, mayhap you don’t really know much about the sub sect of “Viking Metal”, which was arguably started

Exmortem – Nihilistic Contentment Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. The dudes in Exmortem are pissed at something and the blood-boiling fury shines through without hesitation on their fourth full-length release, Nihilistic Contentment. The Danish death metal quartet blaze through nine tracks of

Dark Tranquillity – Character Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. As with many younger American metal enthusiasts, my love of metal has its origins in the punk and hardcore genres. Noticing my chosen path of ‘weakness’, a friend’s older brother lent me three

Angra – Temple Of Shadows Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. Allow me to pose a rather challenging question to the fans of a genre plagued by elitism- What is talent in regards to music? Is it technical proficiency in playing

Chris Caffery – Faces Review

Not many musicians could be involved in two high-profile bands and still find time to release solo material. But, when your primary band is not nearly as active as it used to be, and on

High On Fire – Blessed Black Wings Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes I had no idea that 2005 was going to be such a great year for heavy music. Although I knew High On Fire had a new album coming out, I anticipated the

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