God Forbid – IV: Constitution of Treason Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon It seems like this has been a quiet year so far for the NWOAHM sound, considering that most of the genre’s stalwarts released albums last year. So with that said,

Arcturus – Sideshow Symphonies Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas How do you follow up landmark albums like La Masquerade Infernale andThe Sham Mirrors? I mean, seriously. Well in the case of Arcturus, you don’t. You just bring in the only other voice in


Bullet For My Valentine – Hand of Blood Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Oh, so…Bullet For My Valentine, right? Yeah, I guess so. Ever go to the video store and just choose something based upon the name and it ends up just…not being

Watch Them Die – Bastard Son Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson I am a sucker for an album that goes for the throat right out of the gate. Before I get into the rigor of hyperbole and speechification let me inform

Tsjuder – Antiliv Review

There are quite a few things about Tsjuder that some would consider to be mildly interesting. The group put out a really good album in 2004 entitled Desert Northern Hell. That’s pretty cool! Tsjuder is from

Adramelech – Terror Of Thousand Faces Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. I swear to Satan: I had it all planned out. Within the course of a week or thereabouts, I was going to embrace a three-pack from Xtreem Music with the

Satan’s Host – Burning The Born Again… (A New Philosophy) Review

Originally written by Ian Duncan-Brown. Satan’s Host play pretty average old school death metal with occasional power metal touches, though they classify themselves as black metal. If you poke around a bit on their website, you’ll

Drudkh – The Swan Road Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Few black metal bands since the peak of the second wave have possessed the ability to express ideology through music as eloquently as Drudkh. The Swan Road is their third

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