She Said Destroy – Time Like Vines Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner Only six years from their inception, and Oslo Norway extreme metal outfit She Said Destroy are amassing some well deserved press within the metal scene over their peculiar amalgam of

Misery Index – Discordia Review

Originally written by Ian Duncan-Brown. The new Misery Index album is impressive, to say the least. Though I enjoyed the band’s energetic performance when I last saw them, I have been consistently underwhelmed by their recorded output.

Nachtmystium – Instinct : Decay Review

originally written by Jimmy Brandon One of the things I love about metal, among others, is when a band or artist can take something generally considered ugly, and make it somewhat beautiful without having to

Loudness – Rockshocks Review

LOUDNESS! ROUDLESS! I saw these motherfuckers in high school at a terrible little cowpalace in the Utah State Fairgrounds. I saw quite a few bands there, and Loudness was the only one that sounded decent.

Novembre – Materia Review

I been listnin to hevy gat dam medl for almost thirdy gat damd yeers. You would think I could hear anything and make at least a preliminary judgment about its quality without too much fucking

Celtic Frost – Monotheist Review

“Now I’m not the expert on Celtic Frost that I probably should be, but please, say it ain’t so. Tell me there was an error at the pressing plant that pressed certain tracks to disc more

Satyricon – Now, Diabolical Review

Chris Sessions’ take: Satyricon is a well known black metal band and they write pretty interesting black metal songs, but the method of recording these songs is somewhat limp. Which is unfortunate, but not a

Bal-Sagoth – The Chthonic Chronicles Review

The best thing about heavy metal is the emphasis it places on bad storytelling, orchestras and weak assed keyboards, really. It’s why, out of all the various musical styles I might get involved with as

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