Fall Of The Leafe – Volvere Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Fall of the Leafe are one of the few bands that have drastically opened up their sound and evolved into more commercial pastures successfully. There style shift can be likened

Ribspreader – Bolted to the Cross Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes I love Dan Swano. I love everything he does. However, I admit I’m confused as to why he’s involved in both Bloodbath as well as Ribspreader. They’re pretty damned similar to me, although Bloodbath stands

Disbelief – Spreading The Rage Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas The complete lack of originality in Nuclear Blast’s recent offerings Imperanon, Extomorf and this stuns me. Thick with high production values and a heavy coat of new car smell, these

Today Is the Day – Kiss the Pig Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Today is the Day. You’re either rabidly in love with them or you find them unlistenable. I remember the first time I heard them I couldn’t believe how anyone could

Pig Destroyer – Painter Of Dead Girls (Reissue) Review

When the great musical historians of the future turn their jaundiced eyes toward the third millennium in search of those artists who forged ideas and built dynasties of musical progression, certain names will stand above

Disillusion – Back To Times Of Splendor Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon I applaud bands that have the ambition to try new things, ones that take fragments from styles all over the metal map, and then merge them together in the hopes

Fleshcrawl – Made Of Flesh Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon Every so often it’s nice to hear a death metal band play death metal. No frills necessary, just by-the-book death metal. Germany’s Fleshcrawl are such a band. Apparently they’ve been

Death Angel – The Art Of Dying Review

Originally written by Alex de Moller. Death Angel have always been a little bit too… cute for my liking. Put it this way – if Sammy Hagar was into thrash, then this would be his band. The guitars are razor,

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