Pungent Stench – Ampeuty Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Pungent Stench’s 1989 split with Disharmonic Orchestra was one of the first “extreme” LP’s I purchased, and the track “Rip You Without Care” still stands as one of my favorite

Cianide – Hell’s Rebirth Review

originally written by Pete Richards I was a young man going through some of the best years of my life when I first heard about Cianide while reading a friend’s ‘zine called Corrosion. Death metal

Urgehal – Through Thick Fog Till Death Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Ah, Southern Lord, one of the few labels thats genuinely accepted amongst elitists trying desperately hard to get into heavy music in order to broaden their horizons. So how great

Origin – Echoes Of Decimation Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. As opposed to clichés as I am, I cannot help but say that Origin and I have a special love-hate relationship that stretches back to their self-titled Relapse debut, and continues up

Visions Of Atlantis – Cast Away Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas So while my esteemed colleagues are reviewing the likes of the excellent Epoch of Unlight and the blistering Blood Red Throne, I get to bring you Visions of Atlantis, yet

Korpiklaani – Voice Of Wilderness Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Okay, I’m just gonna tell you two things about this album. First, it’s from Finland. Second, there is a song called “Beer Beer.” Are you still here…? You read the

Samael – Reign Of Light Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. Samael is one of the weirdest bands I’ve ever heard of. Like a bunch of bands I now enjoy, I first heard of the band from a metal compilation I got

Primordial – The Gathering Wilderness

Originally written by Drew Ailes I used to love Opeth. I adored them. I owned every album of theirs and eagerly awaited the next release. Around the time of Blackwater Park, I started to lose interest. To

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