Place Of Skulls – The Black Is Never Far Review

Originally written by Chris Chellis. Unfamiliar with this doom outfit, I could only assume through its lineup that what was to follow consisted of music of the highest quality, and what I found on The Black

3 – Wake Pig (Reissue) Review

I was sort of hoping, maybe beyond hope, that I was reviewing an actual 3 cd – 3 being the Dischord band I was very into circa 1990 or so. I loved that band…shit I


Benighted – Identisick Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Synopsis: I hope you have a coupon to shop at Assholes “R” Us, because after listening to Identisick, you are going to need a new one… Review: While most of you

Aborym – Generator Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner Aborym are back with a new album and I dare even say I haven’t run across a fan of modern black metal who doesn’t hold a strong reverence for Fire

Edguy – Rocket Ride Review

Originally written by Chris Chellis. Tobias Sammet’s instantly recognizable voice electrifies “Sacrifice” and we’re indeed already on Edguy’s Rocket Ride. There’s no questioning Sammet’s decision to focus all his efforts on singing beginning in the late 90s.

Raison D’être – Reflections From The Time Of Opening Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson (ray-zohnn DET-ruh) A basic, essential purpose; a reason to exist. Despite my growing affection for the strange little corner of the musical world known as dark ambience I must admit

Drawn And Quartered – Hail Infernal Darkness Review

As I sit here, in between CAD regens, listening to Drawn and Quartered’s opening track, I am hit by a wave of nostalgia. This stuff is so like Morbid Angel’s early material as to almost

Amorphis – Eclipse Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas If you are at this site and specifically reading this review, I can assume you don’t need a history lesson about the rise and (in my opinion ) fall ofAmorphis,

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