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Obsidian Tongue – Volume III Review

Last we saw Obsidian Tongue, they redeemed us at the side of the lake on 2015’s four-way split, Northeastern Hymns. Their New England compatriots held up their corners admirably, but Obsidian Tongue stole the show

Alda – Passage Review

Congratulations, of a sort, are in order for Washington State’s Alda. Whereas nearly all of their peers in the loamy, atmospheric black metal game focus on using delicate intros and gradually rising tension to explode

Panopticon – Roads To The North Review

One of the main advantages an artist has after “breaking through” is the ability to push their personal projects into new directions at a much quicker rate while still keeping a centralized theme looming over

Blood Of The Black Owl – Light The Fires Review

Frontiers are borders in reverse. To the extent that the dream of America (that’s largely “America” – the idea, not the country) was that of a radical break from tyranny and tradition, the Western frontier

Falls Of Rauros – The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Bands like Fen and Agalloch have won over a lot of people with their focus on emotional sensitivity over brutality and their strong integration of non-metallic components as opposed to

Obsequiae – Suspended In The Brume Of Eos Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas I have not heard anything from Bindrune Recordings since 2010’s Blood of the Black Owl swansong, A Banishing Ritual. However, if there were a label that defined quality over quantity,

Nechochwen – Azimuths To The Otherworld Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Yet another intimately-crafted project under the increasingly esteemedBindrune banner, Nechochwen is a nakedly honest folk entity. While the folk metal tag has taken on a Kryptonite-esque connotation for some, this is as far

Celestiial – Where Life Springs Eternal Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell ‘Tis a bit daunting, this attempted dissection of something so subtly evocative. One would be foolish, however, to delve into such waters without expecting a challenge. On Where Life Springs Eternal, Celestiial indeed