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The Living Fields – Running Out Of Daylight Review

Have you ever come across music that just leaves you cold? I don’t mean an album that everyone seems to love that you think is crap; I’m talking an album that you know is good

Funeral – From These Wounds Review

Originally written by Jon Eardley Dubbed with the title “The Most Depressive Band in the World” during their early years, Norway’s Funeral is largely thought of as one of the founding pioneers of the Funeral

Anaal Nathrakh – Passion Review

originally written by Jim Brandon Whether we choose to accept it or not, every single one of our favorite bands will eventually reach an impasse, and whether or not they traverse the flux successfully is

Cruachan – Blood On The Black Robe Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Much like its semi-kindred spirit power metal, epic folk metal often walks a fine line between cheesy and bad-ass, where a few misplaced slips of the foot can land the

Havok – Time Is Up Review

As the so-called “thrash revival” begins to recede over the horizon, we can start to notice the cream bands of the crop rising to the top. One such act is Denver’s Havok, who with 2009’s

Horned Almighty – Necro Spirituals Review

Horned Almighty is yet another band from the Shakespeare-pun-tempting land of Denmark. Chances are pretty good that if you’ve heard a Horned Almighty album before, you know exactly what to expect, which is a teeth-gnashing

Krieg – The Isolationist Review

originally written by Chris McDonald A long-running figure in the U.S. black metal scene, Krieg has never attained the notoriety and reputation of projects like Leviathan, Judas Iscariot or Xasthur, but that hasn’t stopped main-man Imperial

Diskreet – Engage The Mechanicality Review

Diskreet is a technical death metal five-piece hailing from Topeka, Kansas, presenting here their full-length debut, Engage the Mechanicality. Certainly students of the modern game, they sweep, chug, blast, gurgle, squeal, and growl their way through