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Autonoesis – Moon Of Foul Magics Review

Autonoesis died two years ago. A debut album, that was it. The Beginning of The End. Probably not the most promising way to start a review, as The End is so often seen as a

Escarnium – Dysthymia Review

Dysthymia, in case you’re wondering, means a persistent mild depression. And it’s about as fitting a title as any for the dark, sweepingly melodic, and often lumbering death metal sound of Brazil’s Escarnium. The band’s

Valborg – Der Alte Review

The less-is-more approach to music, art, architecture, and basically any other form of aesthetic expression has, throughout its history, yielded widely varying results that often feel like contrasts. Punk stripped away the excesses of arena

Reincarnated – Of Boötes Void Death Spell Review

Thailand’s Reincarnated aim to “play only the darkest and most doomed-out death metal: gutted, ghastly, and knuckle-dragging with no room for innovation or progression.” Without a shred of doubt, that goal has been achieved on

Plasmodulated – Plasmodulated Review

[Logo and Artwork by GruesomeGraphx] If you’re familiar at all with some of science fiction’s most amazing biological transformation machines, you’ll remember that virtually none of them was able to produce the monumental change for

Blast Rites: Anatomical Amusements – Corporal Kaleidoscope Review

Musically, at least, Kyrylo Stefanskyi is having a hell of a year. The latest Pharmacist is still riding strong in the upper reaches of my 2022 stack, buoyed by a seemingly endless supply of catchy

Castrator – Defiled In Oblivion Review

[Cover artwork by the inimitable Jon Zig] I’ll be honest and quickly admit the following right from the jump: For reasons having zero to do with the actual quality of the release, I have spent

Blast Rites: Jack – Lobotomia Review

Hungarian grind-punkers Jack recently crossed the quarter-century mark as a band, but if Lobotómia is any indication, they’re still very much in their prime. Sometimes age is just a number… Maybe it’s the fact that