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Enslaved – Axioma Ethica Odini Review

“Witness: march of the giants.” Few bands or artists of any media forge a legacy in which their fans can be one hundred and ten percent confident that new work will give them the thrills

00s Essentials – Volume Five

Take a quick peek ahead. Think Volume 5 is a bit heavy on the death metal? Look closer. Also included are two of Norway’s all-time kings, career albums by masters of grind and prog, and

Enslaved – Vertebrae Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Most progressive bands eventually reach a point where their fans will become divided for good. That one album where the band in question, who has been hinting at major stylistic

Trinacria – Travel Now Journey Infinitely Review

From Wikipedia, “Trinacria is both an alternative name for Sicily and its national symbol (an ancient form of the Triskelion), which also appears on its flag.” In case you don’t have a Word-A-Day calendar, a triskelion

Enslaved – Return to Yggdrasill – Live in Bergen Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. For those of you who’ve seen Enslaved’s first DVD Live Retaliation, Return to Yggdrasil isn’t a rehash as much as it is a complement. Similar to their studio material, the long-running Norwegians prove they

Enslaved – Ruun Review

Matthew Cooper’s take: More often than not, the word “progressive” is used as a locator, a sonic line of demarcation, rather than an actual meaningful descriptor. The word is tailor made for Enslaved, a band

Enslaved – Below The Lights Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett It seems like just yesterday Enslaved released Monumension, and yet here I sit with a copy of their latest Viking Black Metal effort in my hands, Below the Lights. Unfortunately,