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Revelations Of Rain – Emanation Of Hatred Review

A masked sky. An immeasurably vast landscape. One lone creature soaring above the earth, confused by the encroaching heavens and rumbling chaos from below. Shifting terrain scatters trees, beasts, life. A great spire of rock

Origin Of Darkness – The Living Darkness Review

It’s been about four years since we last heard from Xathagorra Mlandroth, the brainpower behind seminal funeral acts Hierophant and Catacombs, but the years have apparently been no less cruel or weighty, as his latest

Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire – Songs Of Ill Hope And Desperation Review

Assuming one can look past their overly verbose name, in Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire (hereinafter referred to as “Clinging“) one will find a promising young grindcore unit, one that blends their


Black Wreath – A Pyre Of Lost Dreams Review

originally written by Jim Brandon Funeral doom is a genre I’ve slowly been easing myself into over the past few years, and Denmark’s Black Wreath is one of the bands that has left a strong impression

Celestiial – Where Life Springs Eternal Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell ‘Tis a bit daunting, this attempted dissection of something so subtly evocative. One would be foolish, however, to delve into such waters without expecting a challenge. On Where Life Springs Eternal, Celestiial indeed

Arcana Coelestia – Le Mirage De L’idéal Review

Before I get into the details of this gem, indulge me… Imagine standing in one of the world’s most spacious and majestic cathedrals. Every sound you make, from your softest steps to the slightest murmur,

Sky Shadow Obelisk – Sky Shadow Obelisk Review

Sky Shadow Obelisk is an experimental doom project from the mind of Rhode Island multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/composer Peter Scartabello.  On this self-titled EP and debut release, Scartabello applies his classical training to two tracks totaling over 26

Ahab – The Divinity Of Oceans Review

originally written by Jim Brandon For as long as we’ve reached for them, the oceans of the world have proven to be a far superior adversary for mankind to try and conquer, and even now the fathoms