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Gilead Fest 2014 – Let’s Do This

Originally written by Jordan Campbell What better way to cap a slow news week than with a vacation, eh? I’ll be abandoning the comfy climes of Minnesota to spend a long weekend in the bastard


Blut Aus Nord – What Once Was​.​.​.Liber III Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Last Friday, Blut Aus Nord released What Once Was…Liber III via Bandcamp. With zero fanfare. Unless you were one of the forty-odd people slavishly following Debemur Morti’s Facebook feed, this

Lychgate – Lychgate Review

For a genre as steeped in the rich, pungent peat of occult historicism as black metal, Lychgate is nearly a perfect band name. A lychgate is a small gate topped with a pointed wooden roof

Black Arrows Of Filth & Impurity – 1984 (Eternal) Review

Since there’s a good chance you’re not familiar with these Black Arrows, here’s the bio information lifted wholesale from their Myspace site: “1-We formed in 2004. 2-We recorded in 2005 3-The shit was released in