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Vulture – The Guillotine Review

Us long time metal fans spend a lot of our waking hours discussing the wonderful stuff. Such talks typically reveal positions all along the Innovative-to-Traditional Spectrum of Preferences. Some folks are set in their ways,

Jack Starr’s Burning Starr – Stand Your Ground Review

Prior to receiving a promo copy of Stand Your Ground, my exposure to Jack Starr’s Burning Starr was pretty limited. In fact, I knew exactly three things about them: 1 – their namesake guitarist founded long-running American power

Condor – Unstoppable Power Review

Genres can work a number of different ways. They can be a crutch, allowing uninspired bands a relatively easy foothold with a niche demographic. They can be a challenge, prompting ambitious bands to claw impatiently

High Spirits – Motivator Review

There’s just so many things on a given day that I do not want to do. Work. Pay bills. Mow the lawn. Shower. I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that’s true for

Savage Master – With Whips And Chains Review

*Extremely quiet museum docent voice* “Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a little-known fact, but the band Savage Master took their name from the French ‘Ça Va-Je Mas Terre’, which is a supremely sophisticated name that

Aktor – Paranoia Review

It’s been what, a few months since we’ve heard Professor Black commanding the microphone on a heavy metal album? But if you’re hoping for Dawnbringer 2.0 or an even Higher Spirits, you might end up

Desaster – The Arts of Destruction Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Last week, while hovering over an overpriced stout and an over-rocked single malt, a conversation between friends turned to the subject of film; more specifically, high-grade action flicks. Inevitably, we

Manilla Road – Playground Of The Damned Review

I realize it’s an absurd comparison, especially considering the fact that I’ve never been a parent, but I imagine I’d have nearly as difficult a time rating one of my children as I do a