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10s Essentials – Volume Two

Greetings, travelers! Welcome to Volume 2 of our 100 Essential Albums of the 2010s. Were you present and accounted for when Volume 1 landed last week and promptly asked to be escorted to your leader?

Last Rites’ Best Of 2014 – Combined Staff List

Greetings, friends. The time has come once again to civilly and sensibly discuss the Last Rites Best of 2014 list, as collected and voted upon by our noble crew. If your favorite releases are missing,

Midnight – No Mercy For Mayhem Review

Coming off some great EPs and beastly full length Satanic Royalty, Midnight crept into the hearts of many an leather-donned ‘head through a combination of Venom’s proto black metal and Motörhead’s, well, everything. Speedy, riffy,

Midnight – Complete And Total Hell Review

Listening to Midnight’s full length debut Satanic Royalty was like getting beaten in the temple with King Diamond’s old bone mic and loving every skull-crunching delivery. Plain and simple: The album rocked. ROCKED. The Venömhead

Last Rites’ Best Of 2011 – Combined Staff List

2011 was a year punctuated by diversity. While many bemoaned the blackened inclination of our 2010 awards, it’s doubtful that accusations of genre favoritism will rear their heads this time around. The year’s best albums

Midnight – Satanic Royalty Review

Ohio’s Midnight is one of the best active bands you can still catch playing a show in someone’s shitty basement. Their live performance is a commanding spectacle that erupts with all the raw energy of

Midnight – Complete And Total Fucking Midnight Review

Originally written by Nin Chan WUARGHHHH THIS BAND RULES!!!!! I had never even HEARD of these bastards till some rabid metalhead mentioned them on the Barbarian Wrath message board, and having been blown away by