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The Seal Of Quality – A Riot Primer, Part 2

The 80s were tough on Riot, even as the band was creating classic metal albums. There were endless line-up changes, contentious dealings with labels, managers, and producers, and mostly, there was a massive disparity between

The Seal Of Quality – A Riot Primer, Part 1

For those of us who don’t believe in predestination, the past is an endless series of could-have-beens. Every adventure left unchosen branches out in infinite directions, all the possible pasts and futures winding around one

Diamonds And Rust – Exploring Metal Classics: Riot – Fire Down Under

This reviewing gig exposes me to a lot of new metal, for free, and that’s great. But you know what I like more than discovering new metal? I like discovering old metal. For whatever reason,

Riot – Unleash The Fire Review

In January of 2012, the metal world lost a giant when Riot guitarist and mainstay Mark Reale passed away after a long struggle with Crohn’s disease. Reale had been Riot’s sole consistent member through the

80s Essentials – Volume Six

Welcome to part six of The Most Essential Albums of the Eighties.  Previous volumes are available here. This week’s edition is another smorgasbord of metal styles, featuring classic doom, ground-breaking death metal, foundational Norwegian black

RIP Mark Reale of Riot (1955-2012)

On January 25, 2012, Riot founder / guitarist / mastermind Mark Reale tragically lost his lifelong struggle with Crohn’s Disease. The band issued the following statement: “To friends and fans of Mark Reale and Riot,

Riot – Immortal Soul Review

Don’t look now, but Johnny’s back again… With Immortal Soul, Riot’s Thundersteel line-up reunites, some twenty-three years later. And with those words, probably about ten percent of you got really excited, and rightfully so, because