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Axegrinder – Satori Review

After the triumphant returns of Amebix and Antisect over the past several years, alphabetically up next in crust punk history is London’s Axegrinder. Back then, this punk-metal outfit dropped only one full-length, 1989’s The Rise

Missing Pieces: The Best Of What We’ve Missed In 2018 So Far, Part 4

Here at Last Rites, we listen to a metric shit-ton of heavy metal—it’s just what we do. But even then, every year, there’s so much great heavy metal that gets released that we simply don’t

Age Of Taurus – The Colony Slain Review

It’s no secret that the apple that is doom metal has fallen a tad out of the public eye. Yes, America is still in love with Pallbearer and his brother, Darryl, and his other brother,

Antisect – The Rising Of The Lights Review

I clearly haven’t been keeping up: I wouldn’t say a new Antisect album is the last thing I thought I’d be covering this year, but it’s probably way closer to unexpected than to anything I’d

Horisont – Odyssey Review

For whatever reason – and I’m going with “an oversaturation of mediocrity” – I don’t have much space left in my world for the whole retro-proto thing, even the best of it. So I didn’t

Death Penalty – Death Penalty Review

I won’t pretend I’ve kept up with the wave of female-fronted doom bands over the past few years. I won’t pretend I’ve even cared enough to try. But what brought me to Death Penalty is

Iron Man – South Of The Earth Review

Originally written by Matt Longo Have they lost their minds? No, clearly the fine folks over at Rise Above Records can see — and are no longer blind to — the fact that Iron Man

Purson – The Circle And The Blue Door Review

Alright, folks, I’ve spent the better part of three months trying to figure out what to write about The Circle and the Blue Door, the debut album from England-based Purson. To borrow a bit from