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Ass To Mouth – Degenerate Review

If the band name leaves a bad taste in your mouth… well, that’s because it’s crappy… (Thanks. I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitress.) You’d be forgiven for immediately thinking Poland’s regrettably named Ass

Antigama – Meteor Review

It’s only halfway through the year, but it might not be too early to hand 2013’s grindcore crown to Antigama. These Polish tech-grinders dropped one of 2012’s best EPs in Stop The Chaos – one which

Megascavenger – Descent Of Yuggoth Review

I’m a big enough man to almost admit when I’m almost wrong. Last year, I reviewed the two-track teaser EP by this latest of Rogga Johansson’s myriad projects, and I wasn’t really blown away. Given

Catheter – Southwestern Doom Violence Review

Don’t quite believe everything you read, kids – this one’s not really doom. But it is violent. Denver-based grindcore trio Catheter last released a full-length in 2005. That disc, Dimension 303, was a fun and

Stormcrow – Enslaved In Darkness (Reissue) Review

I came to the Stormcrow party around the time of their 2006 split with Sanctum, and it was something of love at first sound – in fact, I could listen to this kind of thing

Antigama – Stop The Chaos Review

For this EP, the Polish tech-grinders in Antigama are back on former label Selfmadegod, following two full-length releases for Relapse. Former vocalist Lukasz Myszkowski returns after sitting out 2009’s Warning; one-time Vader drummer Pawel Jaroszewicz

Usurpress – In Permanent Twilight Review

I will absolutely admit to signing on to do this review based entirely on the fact that Usurpress is such an ear-to-ear-smilingly fantastic name for a band. And really, why shouldn’t we let our baser

Megascavenger – Songs Of Flesh – Part 1 Review

An EP that consists of only two songs doesn’t leave me a whole hell of a lot to talk about here, but I’ll do my best… … But first, the lead-up: Megascavenger’s Encyclopaedia Metallum bio