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Squash Bowels – Tnyribal (Reissue) Review

Polish grinders Squash Bowels came on strong with their last few efforts – both 2005’s Love Songs and 2009’s Willowtip-released Grindvirus were stout records that saw the band moving away from the goregrind that characterized

Calm Hatchery – Sacrilege Of Humanity Review

Originally written by Chris Chellis. Death metal ought to be crushing and blunt about it; no minced words and certainly no subtlety. It is neither an exercise in progression nor a safe haven for so-called

Drugs Of Faith – Corroded Review

DC-based “grind’n’roll” outfit Drugs Of Faith was among the highlights on last year’s Relapse-released This Comp Kills Fascists 2. That record spotlighted underground power-violence, grindcore and hardcore bands, all handpicked by Pig Destroyer / Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Agathocles – This Is Not A Threat, It’s A Promise Review

In their twenty-five-year existence, Belgian grind act Agathocles has amassed a truly staggering release catalog—their Metal Archives entry lists more than 200 titles, from demos to LPs to copious split releases to compilations of those

Wojczech – Pulsus Letalis Review

The last record from these German crusty grinders hit a sweet spot for me back in 2005—Sedimente was raw, dissonant, angry, indebted to both Tragedy / From Ashes Rise crust punk and Assuck / Extreme

Encoffination – Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh Review

originally written by Jim Brandon There are times when I wish that “heavy” is enough, because if it was, then this year would look a hell of a lot better. If the wretched sounds of

Hellbastard – The Need To Kill Review

British punk/thrash unit Hellbastard’s 1986 demo Ripper Crust is credited with putting the “crust” in crust punk. Back then, Hellbastard were an Amebix-like metallic punk band, ragged and raw, as heavily influenced by anarchist collectives

Mothra – Dyes Review

The bio info for Poland’s Mothra namechecks the likes of Burnt By The Sun, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Converge, and rightly so. The band’s mathematical metalcore certainly evokes those bands, as well as Meshuggah and