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Voetsek – Infernal Command Review

This co-ed bunch of crossover thrashers hails from San Francisco, and Infernal Command is their latest of two full-lengths to go along with a small slew of split records and EPs. This is my first

Drugs Of Faith – Drugs Of Faith Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. George W. Bush will not be remembered by his triumphs, defeats, or frequent linguistic blunders, but by the album covers he’s appeared on: Megadeth’s The System Has Failed, Ministry’s Rio Grande Blood, and enough

Antigama – Zeroland Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. I like Poland. I like grind. I like Selfmadegod Records. I like Antigama. I like Zeroland. What I don’t like, however, is that this record is being touted as a full-length even

Catheter – Dimension 303 Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Out of the records unleashed by Selfmadegod as of late, Dimension 303 is my favorite. While I do have good things to say about Third Degree, Wojczech, and Antigama, Catheter upstage their fellow grind combatants. For starters,