Thyrfing – Farsotstider Review

The new Thyrfing album probably deserves a better review than I’m about to give it. I’m not talking so much about specific content as I am about overall quality. Fact is, I’ve struggled with this review, in one form or another, for at least three months now and I still don’t have much to say about it. Now, I enjoyed their last album Vansinnesvisor although I don’t remember any specifics about it. With music and lyrics steeped in Norse mythology and tradition, they bring us their latest effort Farsotstider. I just wish I was enjoying it more.

I think the fault lies more with me than with the band, as all the epic qualities are present. “Far At Helvete” is a heavy dirge with a nautical edge. “Jag Spar Fordarv” has a bit more of a “riding across the countryside” feel to it, and the dual vocal effect on “Host” is one of the more memorable moments here. A lot of the album has that heavy dirge thing going on, and I’ve found it hard to fall into the groove. There was that one time I was in a really foul mood and felt like running amuck and dismembering everyone, and I had this in my earphones and felt right at home, though. That was a glorious epiphany, that this album would make a great soundtrack to pillage a village to. After all that, the album ends with a couple of tracks that have a better epic feel, with quick steady beats and some added instrumentation. These are the types of tracks that really want to make you don a battle helmet (or any readily available headgear), grab the nearest sword (or other long, blunt object), and ride off in search of adventure.

Apologies to the band and their dedicated fans. This is a solid album that deserves better than this. I can recommend it, but I can’t wax ecstatic about it.

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