Necros Christos – Triune Impurity Rites Review

I like my death metal how I like my cavewomen: filthy, filthy and fil-thay. Give me death metal that sounds like it was birthed from a flat-headed, hammer-jawed mongoloid from Hell who spends half his time cracking bones inside a dank, moldering cave and I am a happy camper. Give me Necros Christos.

These enemies of our Lord have been lumbering around Berlin since 2001, slowly stacking up a pile of highly sought demos, splits, and even a couple ultra rare DVD’s. With the band’s first full-length, Triune Impurity Rites, the boys finally get a little healthier distribution, thanks to the folks at Sepulchral Voice Records.

The record is divided into three sections, each containing three songs with three intros. Two of the songs are from the bands’ 2002 demo, two are from a 2003 demo, and five are brand-spankin’ new (the last being separated into three tracks that bleed together as one). The intro tracks all range from short, Egyptian-flavored strummings to small snippets of cavernous organ being layered over whispered Latin curses. Additionally, each of the three album sections is closed out by a beautifully crafted classical acoustic guitar piece entitled “Gates I, II and III.” Basically, there’s a whole lotta threes going on with Triune Impurity Rites, and while this may seem like unessential information, it gives you an idea of why the record boasts an axhaustive 23 tracks.

The most immediate parallel here can probably be thrown towards Mental Funeral era Autopsy, mostly because of the album’s sickly, Reifert-esque drum tone, and the way the drummer seems insistent on keeping the crawliest moments crawling through busy use of rolls and fills. Tunes such as “Tormented Flesh on the Mount of Crucifixion”, “Va Koram Do Rex Satan” (the catchiest chorus of the bunch), “Deathless in Spiritual Evil” and the “Triune Impurity Rites” triad all feature moments where the music suddenly creeps to an even slower slither and flattens your face with loathsome riffs and morose, noodling (Coralles-like) leads. But measured doses of sepulchral keys and sporadic riff-mimicking organs help to deepen the overall complexity. Throw in some of the genre’s most barbarous, abyssal vocals you’ll ever hear and the insanely catchy riffing heard throughout the album’s closing triptych, “Skulldoom of Sumar (Darkness),” “Nazarethical Ram of Bethlehem (Damnation),” and “Blasphemous Graves Open at the End of Days (Death),” and we just might have a bloody classic in the making.

If you dig your death metal death/doomy and qualified to damn you eternally to Hell just by accidentally reading the lyrics aloud in the middle of the night, Triune Impurity Rites is definitely for you. Rottingly recommended.

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