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Krigsgrav – Fires In The Fall Review

[Cover Art by Cameron Hinojosa] “Fires in the Fall? It’s June, you big dummy!” For some of you, releasing a warm black metal album best suited for sitting in solitude next to a roaring fire

Oromet – Oromet Review

I used to half-joke that I liked funeral doom because it was music for stretching out, closing your eyes, and trying your darnedest to believe you were laying in your coffin. I say half-joke because

Moral Collapse – Divine Prosthetics Review

[Cover Art by Manisha Mohnani] In 2021, Moral Collapse released their self-titled debut album, seemingly out of nowhere. Better than a surprise debut is a really damn good surprise debut, and that’s precisely what Moral

Soul Void / Brainwave / Dole Bludger: More New Zealand Noize.

Below are a couple of noisy releases from the far-flung (and increasingly cyclone-battered) shores of Aotearoa New Zealand. Generally, when I write about metal or punk from my neck of the woods, I start by

Jag Panzer – The Hallowed Review

If you’d told me six months ago that one of my most-played albums of the first half of 2023 would be a post-apocalyptic power metal concept album told from the perspectives of pets, well, I’d

Heruvim – Battle For Cimmeria Review

Ukraine’s Heruvim burst into the scene ‒ and our 2022 EP list ‒ with last year’s beastly Shadowheart. They showed a massive affinity towards Edge of Sanity (the melody, the gargantuan riffs, the deep growls)

Tyrann – Besatt Review

Metal moved fast in the 80s. It was the wild, open frontier–there was so much room to push things faster, louder, and more aggressive. Simultaneously, it’s bastard cousin in punk was pushing stripped roots rock

Ray Alder – II Review

Heavier and more progressive than 2019’s What the Water Wants, the Fates Warning singer’s sophomore effort, II, retains the former’s ethereal feel but hits some incredible highs that were perhaps lacking on that earlier effort