Circle Of Dead Children – Zero Comfort Margin Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. At this point in my life, I tend to identify with the imagery that this band’s moniker constructs. In other words, children just piss me off. Thus, I was elated

Opeth – Ghost Reveries Review

Jason Jordan’s take: Unless you’ve never even heard of the Internet, you know what’s going on within the Opeth camp. They’re signed to Roadrunner Records, their latest offering is titled Ghost Reveries, and it leaked about a month

Vio-Lence – Eternal Nightmare (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson If you are one of the idiots who paid through the nose for a copy of this much celebrated…thrashterpiece…it is my pleasure to point out that patience once again returned

The Black Dahlia Murder – Miasma Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Is it just me, or are bands releasing shorter albums these days…and getting away with it? I mean, Miasma only reaches the thirty-three minute mark by way of ten songs. At any

Demons & Wizards – Touched By The Crimson King Review

Like many metalheads, the prospect of Blind Guardian vocalist Hansi Kursch teaming up with Iced Earth guitarist and mastermind Jon Schaffer had my pink parts tingling in the time leading up to release of their

Hate Eternal – I, Monarch Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson This is it. Eric Rutan is deserving of accolades. In my eyes this band has been struggling to find an identity, a production, and frankly its footing for quite some

Nihilist – (1989-1989) Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Lets make a quick run of the formalities and then get on with the real critique. Getting their start at the tail end of the 1980s, Nihilist were one of

Dream Theater – Octavarium Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. This year has been quite the triumphant one for progressive music thus far. Outstanding showings from relatively unknown acts like Dynamic Lights, Presto Ballet, Russell Allen’s Atomic Soul, and Shadow Gallery have all posed a

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