Crowpath – Son Of Sulphur Review

“The floor had a pattern which I can’t describe but it was such to get lost in”–From “Scab Coated Attraction” Fuckin’ Crowpath. Call ‘em whatever you want–grind, death, tech-core, metalcore; it’s of no consequence. To me

Arsis – A Diamond For Disease Review

Originally written by Clay Moore You may have noticed that we’ve recently begun teaming up on some of the more noteworthy releases, in an effort to both provide extra discussion of albums of interest and,

Vader – The Art Of War Review

Originally written by Ben Graves. This six-song EP entitled The Art Of War is my first exposure to the legendary Vader. I’m not entirely sure why it’s taken me so long to check them out, especially since I’m

Fuck The Facts – Legacy Of Hopelessness Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas While the likes of Ion Dissonance, The End, Despised Icon and Neuraxisgarner most of Canada’s tech –grind-core praise, Ottowa’s female frontedFuck the Facts, though quiet since their Backstabber Etiquette effort are making a little noise with this

Ed Gein – Judas Goats & Dieseleaters Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. It’s a good thing that Church of Misery and Ed Gein have a genre gap and the Pacific ocean between them, ‘cause the Japanese doom legends might be getting pissed that these dudes are

1349 – Hellfire Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Humorous how a band like 1349 conjures the fiery depths of Hell, whereas a group like Immortal embodies cold Arctic winds which terrorize frozen tundra. I’m also obligated to point out that – though I’ve

Deathspell Omega – Kénôse Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner I’m sure most people have noticed by now, but the black metal scene has recently been shrugging off its previous entanglement in grandiose keyboards and preoccupation with violins and female

Unearth – Our Days Of Eulogy Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Stop me if you’ve heard this introduction before: “Now I know it’s been too long in waiting, but MetalReview is pleased to finally bring you a metalcore review.” Sounds vaguely

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