Bible Of The Devil – Tight Empire Review

Originally written by Nin Chan Honest, sweltering, sweaty rock n’roll. An unfashionable style, to be sure, yet one that somehow manages to forge an uncompromising, single-minded path through the swathes of pretension that typify much

Slaughter – Fuck Of Death Review

Originally written by Nin Chan In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have to write an introductory blurb about Slaughter. Their names would be on the lips of every hair gel brandishing, Jnco-panted mallrat, every mohawked

Prostitute Disfigurement – Left In Grisly Fashion Review

Originally written by Ian Duncan-Brown. Ah, Prostitute Disfigurement. When one hears a band name like that, one might think, “I bet their merchandise doesn’t sell too well,” or “I bet they suck and all they have

Beatrik – Journey Through The End Of Life (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Nin Chan This is just bloody brilliant. With so many modern bands anxious to out-Varg each other in a post-Burzum epoch, the thought of another Vikernes-influenced outfit is hardly a titillating proposition.

Antagony – Rebirth Review

I have a long history with Antagony, so you’ll just have to indulge me as I give you a background featuring names and titles that will fly right over your head. I first discovered the

Nile – Annihilation Of The Wicked Review

Originally written by Ian Duncan-Brown. Annihilation of the Wicked is a very good album. Although the initial euphoria of this release has worn off for me, I can still tell that there is excellent material here. Nile were

Pelican – March Into The Sea Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Two tracks 32 minutes- an extended version of a track of the forth comingThe Fire in Our Throats Beckons the Thaw (“March into the Sea”) and a Justin Broadrick remix of “Angel Tears”


Bane – The Note Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes There don’t seem to be too many hardcore bands that “true” fans of the genre as well as new kids just delving into the sound can agree on. Hence why

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