Eyes Of Fire – Ashes To Embers Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Without boring you too much with band history, basically Eyes of Fire is the new project of former Mindrot/Shiva members Dan Kauffman and Matt Fisher (I highly recommend Mindrot to

Pain Of Salvation – 12:5 Review

Pain of Salvation is another one of the million bands I have heard about but never heard, at least not to where it stuck in my mind. So this is my POS baptism: an Unplugged

In Flames – Soundtrack To Your Escape Review

Well, here it is – the new album from In Flames. You all know who they are, so screw the history lesson. I will say however, that my path down the road of underground metal

Insomnium – Since The Day It All Came Down Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett Yet again Finland has found itself another solid release. Insomnium brings together a fine mix of melodic fueled death with a perfect splash of melodic doom. Since the Day it

God Forbid – Gone Forever Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon It seems as if I’ve been waiting forever for Gone Forever to finally hit the stores. God Forbid’s previous album, Determination, hit me with all the force of a 20

Godflesh – Streetcleaner

Context is very important when discussing an older record. Things that seem commonplace in music at the point we inhabit may not have been so when a particular record was released. It’s hard to listen

Gojira – The Link Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas I’d like to give credit to France’s Gojira for providing me with opportunity to write one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever had to write. With The Link, they have

Centinex – Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. And so the war continues between Sweden and Finland for the crown of best melodic death metal-producing country. 2003 was full of Finnish victories, with their lightning speed and hyper-melodic

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