Shadows Fall – The War Within Review

Originally written by Andy Smyth It is hard to believe that it has been about a year since a revived Headbanger’s Ball brought metal to the masses with their tour of said name. Nu-metal has

Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Cradle of Filth, Nymphetamine: Lets skip the foreplay and get right into this review. We all know Cradle isn’t a black metal band today, nor were they really ever beyond their

Deadsoul Tribe – The January Tree Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed 2003 release A Murder of Crows, progressive rockers Dead Soul Tribe have returned in a timely and efficient fashion with their latest

Megadeth – The System Has Failed Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. Back from the brink of deth, the legendary brainchild of the illustrious Dave Mustaine returns, as if anybody ever doubted it would happen. Megadeth was the fastest, angriest, and arguably best band

The Crown – Crowned Unholy Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon This has to go down as one of the more unusual metal releases in recent history. For those that aren’t current on the state of the Crown, they decided to

Bloodbath – Nightmares Made Flesh Review

It’s Bloodbath, which means a certain homage will be paid to your Death Metal heroes while getting all the advantages that modern recording techniques can deliver. If you are me, that means you are going

Rwake – If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Fuzzed out, stoner doom has never really been my thing, but when laced with slivers of grating extremity and a caustic sense of foreboding, it creates an overall ambience I

Devil’s Whorehouse – Revelation Unorthodox Review

Considering how often I bitch about things that obviously sound precisely like other things the following review should make everyone cry “hypocrite” and complain and whine and bitch and cry. Which is aces with me.

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