Yob – The Unreal Never Lived Review

Geez, for a band that spends a fair amount of time playing so slowly, YOB sure works quickly.  Beginning with their sophomore effort in 2003, not a year has gone by without another offering of mountainous modern

Animosity – Empires Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. Black Market Activities’ Animosity (like most BMA bands) resides somewhere in the grey area that is the constantly debated and always illusive intersection of metal and hardcore. As bands like Despised Icon, the Black

Circus Maximus – The First Chapter Review

Prog-metal is a tough genre. On the one hand, you usually have amazing musicianship. On the other hand, you usually have very long tracks that are either so good that they aren’t long enough, or

Light This City – Remains Of The Gods Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance This band sounds like a lot of bands you’ve heard before. At the Gates, Carcass, Testament, maybe a dash of the more epic styling of Detonation. They’re called Light This

Epica – We Will Take You With Us Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. Like anyone else who has ever stumbled upon a band for the first time, I initially knew virtually nothing about this atmospheric goth outfit from the Netherlands other than the

Horna – Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson In a world often fraught with danger and mediocre music, there is something to be said for a release this profoundly average and enjoyable. Embodying the second wave of black

Kamelot – The Black Halo Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. Elevating their songwriting once again to all new breathtaking heights, the undisputed champions of the US power metal circuit are back in all their splendor with yet another ambitious and

Clutch – Robot Hive/Exodus Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson If socks are a commodity that can be rocked, let it be known Clutch has the whole top drawer on its feet. At this point in the game the band’s

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