Draconian – Arcane Rain Fell Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Last year, Sweden’s Draconian tugged lightly on my heart strings with their take on gothic/doom metal. It didn’t fully dance with romantic Goth leanings, but instead draped the sound in a more morose

Trivium – Ascendancy Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon There’s something to be said for arriving fashionably late to the party. The musical equivalent of this would be to jump into a developed genre well into its time in

Nightrage – Descent Into Chaos Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. In every musical walk of life, even when a specific style has evolved from one extreme to the next, it will always eventually come full circle and return to its

Fozzy – All That Remains Review

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Fozzy is back for another round. Long gone are the days of being the long-lost heavy metal band at last freed from Japan, back to reclaim their stolen hits like

Loits – Vere Kutse Kohustab Review

Call in the sub-genre police – I think this is black metal but they might insist it’s pagan metal or some other silly sub-categorization. At any rate, the spirit of Loits is definitely in black

Soilwork – Stabbing The Drama Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Soilwork had a lot of catching up to do when the first arrived on the Swedish metal scene in 1998. Fellow countrymen In Flames and Dark Tranquillity were already deep

Ghost Machinery – Haunting Remains Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas We interrupt your high quality metal reviews to bring you this 63 minute opus of bland Finnish power metal. I had moderate hopes for this after label mates Unchained’s superb

Mourning Beloveth – A Murderous Circus Review

originally written by Nick Kulczycki It’s about time someone released a good doom death album! Grau Records out of Germany was fortunate enough to release Mourning Beloveth‘s fifth Studio album, A Murderous Circus, which is

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