Visions Of Atlantis – Cast Away Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas So while my esteemed colleagues are reviewing the likes of the excellent Epoch of Unlight and the blistering Blood Red Throne, I get to bring you Visions of Atlantis, yet

Korpiklaani – Voice Of Wilderness Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Okay, I’m just gonna tell you two things about this album. First, it’s from Finland. Second, there is a song called “Beer Beer.” Are you still here…? You read the

Samael – Reign Of Light Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. Samael is one of the weirdest bands I’ve ever heard of. Like a bunch of bands I now enjoy, I first heard of the band from a metal compilation I got

Primordial – The Gathering Wilderness

Originally written by Drew Ailes I used to love Opeth. I adored them. I owned every album of theirs and eagerly awaited the next release. Around the time of Blackwater Park, I started to lose interest. To

Usurper – Cryptobeast Review

Originally written by Jason Lawrence I can’t be sure, but I am pretty positive that everyone that listened to Usurper’s last album Twilight Dominion (at least those whom liked it) figured that their new album

Internal Suffering – Choronzonic Force Domination Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Few areas can claim to match the musical intensity of that found in South America. Seemingly stuck in some sort of time warp, bands like Mental Horror, Nephasth, Krisiun, and

Crowbar – Lifesblood for the Downtrodden Review

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on Crowbar here. Fact of the matter is, the only album of theirs I’ve heard before this (in its entirety) was their previous effort, Sonic Excess

Sonata Arctica – Reckoning Night Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. The last time I heard a Sonata Arctica album, I thought it was going to be terrible. It started out with predictable melodies and melodramatic vocals about love and other boring topics

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