A Life Once Lost – Hunter Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. Anyone who’s tried to express an idea via words or music is familiar with the frustration of translation errors from one medium to the other. No matter how perfectly formulated

Gorod – Neurotripsicks Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Willowtip records continues its effort to unearth and proliferate overlooked or hard to acquire technical death metal with the re-release of Gorod’s Neurotripsicks. While Neurotripsicks will likely lack the impact

Swarm Of The Lotus – The Sirens Of Silence Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson Sessions called it early in his review of When White Becomes Black and credit must be given where it is due. Swarm of the Lotus is the next real thing.

Monarch – Self Titled Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Upon viewing the cover artwork and absorbing the initial waves of slow, melancholy post hardcore swathes of opener “On Cinders”, I was fully enveloped in Monarch’s seedy, post noise inspired metalcore

Widow – On Fire Review

I love old school metal. Whenever I start to get bored with the metal scene, I can pop in an album like The Legacy or Eternal Nightmare and I’m immediately reminded of why I love

Ribspreader – Congregating The Sick Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson The feral ministrations of revivalist sun-sound guitar tone can only push an album so far. One might even suggest that revivalism in general can only be pushed so far. Ladies

Wolves In The Throne Room – Demo Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. I’m not grim by any measurement of the term, but I do like to revel in a hefty slab of black metal occasionally. So, following the ecstatic, favorable press that’s

Peccatum – The Moribund People Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. At and around the time period just before the conception of IX Equilibrium, Emperor frontman Ihsahn found experimental escape through his then new side project, Peccatum. However, upon the release of IX Equilibrium, it was

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