Sodom – One Night In Bangkok Review

Originally written by Alex de Moller. Who’d of thought you could admire someone so much for never giving a fuck. Sodom have had a difficult 20 year career… they’ve been fucked by record companies, beaten to death

Lunaris – Cyclic Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas I never did get around to hearing the debut The Infinite, so I was expectant to hear an album that has guest appearances by members of Arcturus, Testament, Dragonlord, Borknagar

Mithras – Worlds Beyond The Veil Review

Originally written by Alex de Moller. If words could take revenge on their makers… I’d be a writhing mass of blood, saliva and utter shame this very moment…. for I can still remember the day

Orphaned Land – Mabool: The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. Bands that keep you waiting for an album for an extended period raise the expectations exponentially. Eight years, in my book, definitely epitomizes extended, and Israel’s Orphaned Land has actually made something

In The Woods – Strange In Stereo Review

originally written by Daniel Martinez In. The. Woods. When combined, those three words are synonymous with mystery and excellence. You see, this is one of those bands that remain somewhat obscure even for more than

The Gathering – Sleepy Buildings Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. Acoustic albums hardly ever wind up in middle ground; they’re usually either excellent or awful. With just about any music, be it metal or something mellower in nature, it’s very

Peccatum – Lost In Reverie Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. Ihsahn is back! Back, weirder than ever, easily aeons ahead of past Peccatum releases, and, to these ears, at least as good as anything Emperor released. Peccatum is now made

Byzantine – The Fundamental Component Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon What’s up with all these young bands going retro? The recent resurgence of metal seems to be coupled with a revival of metal bands and metal sounds of years past.

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