Stratovarius – Elements Pt. 2 Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. In this time of a serious drought for decent power metal here in the United States, I thank the metal gods for bringing this album upon me. While not the

DevilDriver – DevilDriver Review

You’ve all heard it before: some member of some not-so-extreme metal band announces that they are forming a new band that is going to be totally heavy, totally extreme, and totally metal. Furthermore, we all

Bestial Mockery – Evoke The Desecrator Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Sometimes you just know you won’t like an album: from the name of the band, member names (Warslaughter, Sir Torment, Sodomizer), the logo, the song titles and the contained promotional

The Wake – Ode To My Misery

Originally written by Erik Thomas You know McDonalds right? You know it’s processed, synthetic and blatantly disposable. But despite these facts, you enjoy a Big Mac, even though you’ve had hundreds of them? Well, The

All Shall Perish – Hate Malice Revenge Review

Just fucking brilliant execution. A good band writes some good songs, then performs and records them with passion, depth, skill and style. All this is mixed and mastered in a way that preserves and enhances

Lumsk – Åsmund Frægdegjevar Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas A folk metal band from Norway with a vast array of guest performers; is this Asmegin reincarnated? Not too far off, but no. Lumsk, while certainly folk metal, are not

Swallow The Sun – The Morning Never Came Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. It’s always been a wonder how people can manage to stand so loyally by styles of music where bands that sound exactly the same keep putting out albums that sound

Death Machine – Death Machine Review

Every now and then, an album comes along that fills you with an indescribable feeling, and all you can do is sit back and listen in sheer awe. When that album comes from right out

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