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5Q5A – Hand Of Fire

In a very short time, Hand of Fire has become one of the most talked about bands in the Bay Area metal scene. Their initial demo offering, Let The Killings Begin, is comprised of three

5Q5A – Tau Cross

  Last year, Tau Cross‘ eponymous debut took the top spot on Last Rites’ Best Of list, and with good reason. The logical continuation of Amebix‘s final gasps, Tau Cross is a record that feels

5Q5A – Sacral Rage – Out Of The Time Machine

For many, the Greek metal scene should need no introduction, particularly when thinking of black metal. (Six Degrees of Rotting Christ is a fun game to play over at Metal Archives.) But the country offers

5Q5A – Prizehog (Vol. 2)

originally written by Erik Highter Back in April, before they started the first tour for their latest album, Re-Unvent the Whool, I reached out to Portland’s Prizehog to see what made them tick. They opened

5Q5A – Mortals

originally written by Kyle Harcott Mortals recently released their Relapse debut, Cursed to See the Future, to a rumbling boil of acclaim. The Brooklyn trio plays a churning, slightly-unhinged brand of metal that PR types

5Q5A – Beastwars

originally written by Craig Hayes New Zealand four-piece Beastwars has been on the receiving end of high praise at home and abroad since forming in 2007. The band’s steadfast maxim, “Obey the Riff,” might seem

5Q5A – Exordium Mars

 originally written by Craig Hayes The roll call of New Zealand metal bands finding fans offshore is ever growing. Bands like Vassafor, Ulcerate, Diocletian and Witchrist have led the charge, and in recent years, groups

5Q5A – Dirge

  Let’s be real. The word “dirge” isn’t all that appealing. Setting aside it’s aethestic ickiness, it’s also a bit, well, literal, at least when applied to our little corner of the universe. While brothers